About Academy

About the Academy

Introducing the platform of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Arjhi Academy to teach the Qur’an remotely
A Qur’anic platform that provides an environment based on information and communication technologies, e-learning and integrated education, grants Quranic certificates and licenses and offers programs and specializations adapted to the needs of Muslim societies that meet the requirements of teaching the Holy Qur’an for all age groups, and also oversees any program to teach the Qur’an remotely according to specific conditions.

An interactive e-Quranic environment … and affordable education for communities

the message
Teaching the Holy Qur’an to all segments of society through services characterized by its flexibility and quality of its outputs using the latest technologies and investing distinguished cadres.

Facilitate the teaching and memorization of the Noble Qur’an at any time and any place by investing technology.

Facilitating the learning of the Noble Qur’an for classes where the presence of teachers in the Qur’an is scarce, such as some Muslim countries and Muslim minorities.

Teaching rulings and Tajweed rules and their applications.

Graduating metaphoric students skilled in reciting the Book of God and qualified to read.

Providing the service of teaching the Noble Qur’an in a variety of ways and interestingly.